October 8, 2018
Great review of FFS II published a great review of FFS II. Check it out here:

New video for Mr Blakk!

The new video for Mr Blakk is now available on Youtube. Check it out here: Free From Sin – Mr Blakk


September 4, 2018
Patrik interviewed by Via Nocturna!

Portugeese site Via Nocturna recently interviewed Free From Sin guitarist Patrik Lämborg. You’ll find the interview here (in portugeese):


August 30, 2018
Awesome review for FFS II

Yet another fantastic review for Free From Sin II, this time from portugeese site Vianocturna,…/review-ii-free-from-…

As our portugeese, and perhaps also yours, is not that great we provide you with a Google-translation. Our appologies for any mistakes in the translation:

Three years separate this second version of Free From Sin from their debut of the same name. Leaving the duo with additional guests and a full-time band, the homogeneity of the creative process gained emphasis. So, II is a sensational record, but that is not easy to describe. There are times when monstrous riffs creep into a Candlemassian doom or impose themselves in an epic way, approaching the Arrayan Path. This is the metallized phase of Free From Sin. At other times stands a gigantic sonic wall created by Hammond, which fills the themes in an astonishing way. Here comes the reference to Deep Purple or Rainbow. It’s the hard rock phase. And both times are enriched by classical passages and solos, receiving influences from Yngwie Malmsteen and some historical composers. II lives, intelligently, in a point of convergence between all the mentioned influences, which, added to the strong dynamics impressed, to a superb performance of the guitar and to a tremendous vocal work, earns him an immense identity and individuality. [90%]

August 17, 2018
Amazing review from Scream Magazine!

We are very happy and humbled by the amazing review from Scream Magazine! Thank you so much!

Free From Sin-Scream-1 Review-08-2018

July 31, 2018
Great Review from Crossfire Metal presents a great review of FFS II at

Free From Sin interview in Sweden Rock Magazine

Free From Sin singer Per Englund is interviewed in the July issue of Sweden Rock Magazine. Per is talking about both the new album and the future. Check it out at your favourite magazine store or order it here:  (in Swedish).

July 27, 2018
Review of FFS II from FFM-Rock Online Magazine

Thank you FFM-Rock Online Magazin for the nice review!🤘

A great review for FFS II from

Thanks to Mahoni Ledl & Powermetal for your kind words & review!!,33350.html

July 20, 2018
New review of FFS II

Thanks Jess R & Über Rock for your kind review!–ii-pride-and-joy.html

Free From SIn II is now released!

We are extremely happy to announce that Free From Sin II now is available in stores all over Europe and through iTunes. Our great label Pride & Joy has posted this release note on their Facebook-page.

July 16, 2018
Great review of Free From Sin II

We thank Heavy Paradise for this very nice review!

Review of FFS II from Radio Barbarossa

With only a couple of days to go before the release here is a review from friends in Germany. Thanks a lot!

June 19, 2018
New review of Free From Sin II

Just one month to go before the release and what better way to celebrate this than presenting this great review! Thanks  @Luc Ghyselen😎!

May 21, 2018
Album cover revealed!

Finally we can share the cover art for the upcoming Free From Sin II album. The album will be available in European stores July 20th as well as the digital version world wide at the same time!! We do hope you will like it!!Front FFS for Press

October 26, 2016
Thank You!

The band have been humbled by the fantastic reception of the debut album! Thank you to all the fans!!!

Free From Sin have now entered the studio once again to record  Free From Sin II. The plan is to release it during the first half of 2017.

December 21, 2015
Fireworks Magazine review Jan/Feb 2016

Thank you Fireworks Magazine (UK) for a great review in the Jan/Feb issue. Get your hands on a copy asap as an awesome sampler also tags along!


The reveiw reads as follows: “Somewhere under the Rainbow, you´ll find Free From Sin. This Swedish band have other influences, sure, but the prime sound is Ronnie James Dio, Ritchie Blackmore et al. In fact, Patrik Lamborg´s solos are so similar to Blackmore´s six string serendipity that some of them remind you of the actual solos; nothing wrong with that of course, if you can hang with the man, that needs nothing.

That the rest of the band are akin to those gents is even more noteworthy, Per Englund sounds alternately like RJD and Bruce Dickinson in main opener ”Evershine” just lacks ´alright´ to be the brother of ”Long Live Rock´N´Roll”, rushing out and bringing Iron Maiden´s pushy riffing and a duelling Hammond in ”Believer” with it. There´s also hard as nails Hard Rock with quite a Euro Metal chorus (”Temple Of Fear”), the Uriah Heep bubbling organ (I´d see a doctor) of the enormous beast ”The Masquerade” and, of course, the simply Rainbow-bothering ”Dreamstealer” with Blackmore´s classical inclinations well to the fore.

This is just great. Redolent of Rainbow but not slavish in the love to them, they clearly adore the Classic feel and give it to us with all guns cocked and indeed blazing. Huge, hot, hardly credit it, but there it is, a brilliant time machine ride with a wonderful set of songs; a real find.
Free From Sin, what a holy din! ”
/Steve Swift

December 16, 2015
Metalized magazine review 9/10


Thank you Metalized magazine (Denmark) and Ole Bach Alvor for a great review in the latest issue of your glossy mag! Attached in the photo is the review in Danish … for you who prefer English read this fast translation “The Swedish band Free From Sin have kicked me in my lungs with this excellent album. The album oozes of genuine happiness to play music and the melodies hits you straight in the eye. The style is similar to Rainbow and Deep Purple, plus some Royal Hunt here and there. It is the use of the organ that makes these names come to mind. The song “Evershine” opens the album with a sublime keyboard a la Rainbow, but does it with charms and not as a rip off. The songs that I like the most are the fast songs “Evil Or Divine”, “Dreamstealer” and “Temple Of Fear” that has a great drive and nerve. On the songs “Stumbling Down A Wicked Road” and “The Masquerade” it is Deep Purple that comes to mind, but not as a rip off since Free From Sin manages to give this style a unique twist of their own. What I also fell for about this Swedish band, is that it is not the typical Swedish melodic hard rock that the market is filled with this days and where most band sounds alike. No, Free From Sin has made a great piece of work that I can label with capitol letters as SERIOUS. Absolutely one of the best albums this year, and an album i will listen to for a very long time.
Ole Alvor ”

December 15, 2015
FREE FROM SIN nominated as one of the best albums 2015 in UK

We are honoured to be nominated as one of the best albums in 2015 in Amadeus Melodic Rock Show on Platinum Rock Radio (UK). Vote here Amadeus Rock Radio

Evershine on Rockklassiker radio in Sweden

Thank you Nicke at Rockklassiker radio in Sweden for playing our song Evershine! Tune in to Swedish Rockklassiker radio here

November 23, 2015
Bonavox interview with Free From Sin

An interview with Free From Sin vocalist Per Englund is now online in Bonavox, read the interview here Thank You Bonavox !!

November 10, 2015
Free From Sin on Dee Rocks Radio 100% proof

Thank you Tony Heare for bringing Free From Sin in on the 100% proof show on Dee Rocks Radio, tune in to

November 8, 2015
Free From Sin on Broken Neck Radio

We are happy to hear we are added on heavy rotation on Broken Neck Radio, click in here to listen 24 / 7

November 4, 2015
FREE FROM SIN on LA Rocks Radio in Germany

We are happy to hear from DJ FISCHMÄN at LA ROCKS RADIO in Germany that FREE FROM SIN is played in his radioshow. Tune in on LA Rocks Radio here

October 26, 2015
Free From Sin on IG Metal show

We are happy to hear that IG Metal show on Radio Rüsselsheim in Germany is airing our song Free From Sin. Thank you Stefan at IG Metal !

Temple Of Fear on Rockhaus radio in Germany

We just got word from Germany that radiostation Rockhaus is playing our song Temple Of Fear. Thank you Rockhaus!

October 13, 2015
FREE FROM SIN interview in Platinum Rock Radio (UK)

FREE FROM SIN singer Per Englund did an interivew with Paul Nicholls in the radio show Feel The Steel on Platinum Rock Radio October 4th. Mr Nicholls has put a clip from the radioshow online and if you want to hear the Free From Sin interview just click here, the Per Englund interview is about 30 minutes into the clip. Thanks again Paul 🙂

Rock radio in Kiel plays Free From Sin

Radio Rock Station in Kiel is giving airtime to our song Free From Sin.

Metal Temple review 9 out of 10

Thank you Metal Temple magazine for this great review on FREE FROM SIN debutalbum. We are happy to get 9 out of 10, read the review here (English)

Rock Garage magazine review

Thank you Rock Garage magazine for reviewing our debutalum, 7 out of 10, read the review here (German)

Powermetal review 7/10

Thank you powermetal magazine for your review on our debutalbum, 7 out of 10, read it here (German)

New review in Germany

We are happy to hear that Musikreviews in Germany wrote a rather long report on our album, read it here (German)

Radio Helsinki in Finland airs Evil Or Divine

Thank you Radio Helsinki in Finland for picking up FREE FROM SIN song Evil Or Divine!

September 30, 2015
Vote for FREE FROM SIN song Believer on RockCharts in German radio

We remind you to vote for FREE FROM SIN song Believer in RockLiveRadio´s list for the best rock songs in September 2015. You can only vote 1 time, but you get to choose 3 songs from the list. Vote here

Westküste FM radio in Germany plays Beliver and The Masquerade

Thank you Westküste FM radio in Germany for picking up two FREE FROM SIN songs. Both Believer and The Masquerade can now be heard on radio.

OS radio in Germany plays Dreamstealer

We thank the show “What´s metal” on OS radio in Germany for picking up FREE FROM SIN song Dreamstealer

Review in Metal Only radio Germany

Thank you Metal Only radio in Germany for your review on our debutalbum 6/10, the review as pdf can be downloaded here (German)

Metal Only radio in Germany airs Evershine

We are happy to hear from Metal Only radio in Germany that they airs FREE FROM SIN song Evershine.

RockReport gives FREE FROM SIN 5,5 out of 6 in their review

Thank you so much RockReport in Belguim for giving our debutalbum 5,5 out of 6 in your review, quote “Lead vocalist Per Englund is the star of this cd followed close behind by one helluva guitarist” read the review here

FREE FROM SIN review in Ashladan magazine 82 / 100

Thank you Ashladan magazine Belgium for this great review, 82 out of 100, read the review here

September 29, 2015

Please enter German RockCharts radio and vote for FREE FROM SIN song Believer! Lots of great songs are on the voting list and you get to vote for 3 songs 1 time… Hope you check the box for our song Believer as one of your choices. Vote here

P3 Rock radio in Sweden plays Evershine

We are so happy to learn that P3 Rock radio in Sweden has picked up FREE FROM SIN song Evershine. Thank you Sveriges Radio.

September 26, 2015
FFM-Rock review 8,5 out of 10

Thank you FFM-Rock in Germany for giving our debutalbum 8,5 out of 10 in this great review, read it here (German).

September 25, 2015
European release of the FREE FROM SIN debutalbum TODAY !!

Today we have every reason to celebrate since our debutalbum is finally released. We have worked hard and for a long time and we would like to thank our families and friends for coping with us. We want to thank everybody involved in getting this album a reality and we also want to thank everybody involved in getting this album out to the stores. You all now who you are – THANK YOU.

FREE FROM SIN – in stores all over Europe September 25, 2015.

Free From Sin ablum cover, debut album Free From Sin 2015. Artist management: Helena Larsson, RocknRoll Agency Record label: Lamborg production and management Art cover by Magnus Blakk Sedenberg

Rockmachine radio in Greece plays Evil Or Divine

Thank you Dimitris Sirinakis at Rockmachine radio in Greece for picking FREE FROM SIN song Evil Or Divine for the new playlist that will start playing from Monday, and also for playing FREE FROM SIN tonight as a we celebrate the European release of our album.

September 24, 2015
Powerplay magazine, UK review

We are happy to get this review from Powerplay rock & metal magazine in UK who gives us 8 out 10. Powerplay understands what FREE FROM SIN is all about and when they state that we play “proper Hammond driven retro classic rock” with  “the ever present poltergeist of MKII Blackmore” we can only agree. Thanks! review Free From Sin, cover Iron Maiden, Powerplay magazine UK

Metal glory review

We are happy to recieve the review from Metal Glory in Germany who gives us 7 out of 10 in their review (German)

Painkiller metal show in Belgium

We like to thank the awesome people at the radio station Painkiller Metal Show in Belgium for these kind words:” The association of Per Englund and Patrik Lämborg is a great thing for the Rock and the Metal scene ! FREE FROM SIN is both majestic and furious in his songs ! Definitely a great album for all the fans of the implaccable melodic metal music ! A new jewel in 2015 !”

Review in Greece by Flight Of Pegasus

We are happy to get this review from Greece and the magazine Flight Of Pegasus, read the review here (Greek)

Rock Hard Magazine Germany review

We are happy to hear that Rock Hard Magazine in Germany publish our review in their printed mag and gives us 7 out of 10.