Per Englund

Per Englund - Vocals & Backing Vocals

Former bands: Blacksmith, Motherlode, S:E:X, Mandrake Root, 220 Volt

Influences: Ian Gillan, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio

Back in the early days with my first band, Blacksmith, I went to the extreme of singing as high as possible - I don't really know why, but it sure is fun listening back to those songs today.

Joining the band Motherlode was a great experience, a band with very talented musicians, though we did not have quite the same musical backgrounds they were great years with those guys.

In the late eighties I played with some extraordinary guys in a band called S:E:X and with them came the wild years, I went to the States and enjoyed all the hard rock excess in 80's Los Angeles...

Rebounding from the LA episode I joined a project called Mandrake Root and got back to basic, seventies hard rock. We revisited that project a few times over the years. During the nineties i hooked up with 220 Volt for a while and we rocked pretty hard! In 2000, we brought life back into Blacksmith, with a new line up and after that I participated in a project called Dedication.

Now this band Free from Sin pretty much completes the circle and wraps up my years of singing, here it is, ironic lyrics, heavy riffs and straight at you – metal rules the land!

Patrik Lämborg

Patrik Lämborg - Guitars

Former bands: Blacksmith, Spider, Overload, Merchant

Influences: Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker, Al Di Meola, Yngwie Malmsteen

Equipment: Marshall Major, Marshall 1959, Fender guitars, Dimarzio pickups, Lexicon, Dod, Folkesson, Boss and Dunlop effects

Patrik Lämborg was born April 20, 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. Patrik comes from a very musical family. His late grandfather played amongst other instruments the violin & clarinet and introduced him to classical music. Patrik started to play the recorder at the age of 6 and later moved to the flute. He picked up the violin at the age of 8 and soon after, the ukele - which was a turning point. Patrik's younger sister had a ¾ nylon string guitar which found its way into Patrik's hands at the age of 9. After taking some classes to get the basics, he then later moved over to electric guitar - his first electric guitar was a Les paul copy together with a FBT solid state 100 watt amp. As distortion Patrik used a Big Muff distortion pedal.

Regarding musical influences, Patrik was first introduced to Deep Purple back in 1973. The Made in Japan album had just been released and he got a tape of the album from his cousin. Ritchie Blackmore and Deep purple have been close to his heart ever since.

In the 1980s Patrik recorded a solo demo tape. This was sent out to different record labels and was recognized by Guitar Player magazine, with Patrik becoming a featured player in Mike Varney's famous "Spotlight" column.

Patrik met Per Englund during the (at the time) mandatory military service in Sweden in 1985, though he found it difficult to find other musicians with the same level of dedication. Convinced that he could not obtain his goals in Sweden, Patrik moved to Los Angeles in the mid-80s. Despite some excellent demos (featuring Anders Johansson on drums) and label interest, the stars simply did not align for Patrik at that time. Returning to Sweden after the fast-paced lifestyle of 80s LA to live a "normal" life, Patrik never lost the will and desire to make music. He has taken full advantage of the changes in technology and the music industry that allow independent artists to pursue their personal dreams - without the need to compromise and dance to the tune of a record company.

Patrik plays several Fender Stratocasters, both stock and modified ones. After trying out numerous amplifiers over the years, he finally found his "Holy Grail" with a combination of classic and customised amps - consisting of the mighty and extremely rare 200 watt Marshall Major, stock Marshall 1959 heads and last but not least, a modified Marshall head - heavily customised and tuned to his guitars by the renowned Swedish amp expert Tommy Folkesson. Another Folkesson gem that Patrik favours is the Raptor overdrive pedal - which adds a whole new layer of versatility and options. For live work, he uses a stereo master/slave rig with a Lexicon multi effects unit to widen the sound.

Fredrik Strömberg

Fredrik Strömberg - Hammond Organ & Synthesizers

Former bands: Several cover and blues bands, Bleed, Solid Flow and more

Influences: Jon Lord for the Hammond sound

Equipment: Hammond XK-5, Nord Stage pianos and synthesisers, Moog synthesisers, Strymon and Pigtronix FX-pedals.

Fredrik went through a lot of instruments growing up. The violin, the trumpet, the guitar, drums, flute, banjo. No, not banjo, just kidding. But the piano was always there like an unborn twin. Bored practicing piano the drums took all his attention in his teens though, but in the early nineties Fredrik turned focus to the keyboards all the way.

In 2013 Fredrik and Patrik hooked up during a couple of blues-sessions, and realised that they both love the sound of the Hammond. The blues-session turned into the BURN-project, covering Deep Purple and Rainbow songs. Fredrik then was asked to join Free From Sin and FFSII.

Fredrik plays the Hammond Organ as well as Hammond clones to save his back.

Ulf Kronsell

Ulf Kronsell - Bass & Backing Vocals

Former bands: Parasite, Etype, Locomotive Breath, Solid Flow

Influences: Phil Lynott, Lee Sklar, Geezer Butler, Hugh McDonald

Like many Swedish musicians Ulf started out with the recorder way back in 3rd grade, then continuing on drums for a couple of years before finding the bass at age 14. His interest in the bass began a couple of years earlier when seeing a ridiculously cool purple Fender Precision bass at a relative's place. In the beginning of the eighties he started out playing in various local bands. One of the first was Parasite which later transformed into the AOR band Etype. Etype was a really good band, playing quite a number of shows and making a well received demo. However the band never succeeded to land a record deal. In 1995 he joined the band Locomotive Breath, formed by guitarist and author Janne Stark. They made two albums during Ulf’s nine year stint with the band.

In 2004 he left Locomotive Breath to focus on the band Solid Flow, together with a number of very talented friends from his native Karlshamn. They recorded one album in 2006, which for a number of reasons was not released until 2012.

In 2014 Ulf got involved in the cover band Burn, featuring Patrik Lämborg and Fredrik Strömberg. One thing led to another and Ulf was invited to join Free From Sin for FFS II.

Ulf plays a number of 4 and 5-string basses, including a modified 1978 Fender Precision and a Lakland DJ5 to mention just a few. He also uses his trusty 2002 EBS Fafner amp, EBS and Mesa Boogie cabinets and a number of EBS pedals.

Paul Ekdahl

Paul Ekdahl - Drums

Started playing at saucepans as a baby, but shifted to a sparkling red Sonor drumkit as an eight year his mom's delight. Pretty soon he got to play the drums in several different bands in very diverse categories.

Paul has been playing instrumental music, blues, rock, jazz, funk, pop and folk music. He also plays guitar, mandolin and flute when he plays folk music with his partner.

Drummers who first inspired Paul were Ringo Starr, Brian Benett, Keith Moon, Peter Criss and Anton Fig. Later on he was taken by John Bonham's heavy sound. When he heard Neil Peart playing for the first time, he was totally blown away. It's always interesting with "super-drummers" like Simon Phillips, Billy Cobham, Terry Bozzio and more... But Paul's hero is Charlie Watts with his very special groove!

Paul was asked to join Free From Sin in the summer of 2015, and so it goes...

His sparkling red Sonor-kit has been retired for many years. He now enjoys being behind his Slingerland or Tama-set...most preferably unmitigated. He prefers Zildjian cymbals, usually Remo drumheads, Vic Firth 7B with nylon tip drumsticks and DW pedals.